professional walker for hire

Sunrise Shadow Legs

I just decided something, this morning, waiting for daylight so I can get my walk in before work. I’d much rather walk than work everyday.

Are there professional walking jobs? Maybe a mail carrier or dog walker? Are there other jobs where I could just be outside walking all day?

I have a friend who is a “world walker”. He walks across continents for a worthy cause near to his heart. His name is Colin Skinner and he has walked thousands of miles for Hospice awareness and many other causes. I admire him greatly. That is some dedicated walking.

I also recently watched the movie, A Walk In The Woods, which is the story of Bill Bryson’s trek on the Appalachian Trail. This also inspired me to start walking, and I wish, as a 60 year old woman, that I had the guts to make that trip.

I can’t imagine anything better than walking all day, camping under the stars and waking up to do it again. Traveling with just foot power must be an amazing feeling.

At the moment, I can’t just quit my job and walk away somewhere, but every time I do walk, I feel like it’s all I want to do. I’m not sure where this feeling will take me. Maybe nowhere, as realities and responsibilities keep me chained to one place, one task. And fear, real and imagined, holds me back too.

But maybe, someday, I’ll find a way to do a little long distance walking that’s not too dangerous or scary, and that won’t put me in financial ruin.

Until that day comes, I’ll do my daily practice of 10,000 steps and I’ll keep my eyes open for opportunities that might require a professional walker.

Photo by DLM




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